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Cereal Food
Soybeans and dried maize seeds are cereal food customers can buy from us. These cereal grains are highly demanded all across the world, all year around. We sell them in pouches to bags/sacks, based on the customers' demand.
Dry Fruit
From dried raisin to raw peanuts, find a variety of dry fruits at our store. We process these under hygienic and clean conditions to make sure customers get high quality dry fruits.

Spices Powder
Mutton masala powder, red chilli powder and turmeric powder are spice powder processed in our factory under hygienic conditions. We source raw spices and process them into spice powder or spice mix powder. These spices can be used in a number of dishes.
We are a prime source of pulses, like gram dal, moong dal, toor dal, and urad dal. These all are the power house of nutrients, that give body essential minerals, vitamins, dietary fibre and other nutrients.
Wheat Flour
Maida and wheat flour can be bought from us at market leading price. We use unadulterated wheat grains in the milling process. And, also make sure no other substances are added during milling and packing processes.
Raw Food Products
Poha, imli and rava sooji are raw food products offered by our company. All these food products are processed by skilled employees, while maintaining proper hygiene. Customers can buy from us these raw food products in quantity they desired.

Namkeen Snacks
Spicy mixture namkeen and shahi mixture namkeen are few namkeen snacks offered by us in a number of pack sizes. People can munch these crunchy snacks any time, mid meal, evening and even late night.
You will only find organic jaggery in our company. This minerals and antioxidant rich product is helpful in increasing the resistance of body against infections. Eat it raw or add in some recipe to improve your immunity.
Wheat Grains
Indian wheat is grown in large amount and is used to meet the demand of Indian consumers as well as foreign customers. We supply wheat to restaurants, hotels, resorts, cafes, super markets and grocery stores.
Fresh Vegetables
Everyone needs fresh vegetables every day, whether it comes to making an afternoon meal, dinner or mid-time snack. Vegetables are used as main ingredient as well as side ingredient in a number of Indian and other cuisines.
White sugar is one of the basic ingredients that has a special place in everybody's kitchen. Though some health conscious people are finding alternatives to sugar, but there are still many dishes, in which only white sugar can be used for that awesome sweet flavor.

Wheat Biscuit
In our wheat products category, we have included wheat biscuit. This tea time snack not just only curb your hunger, but also give your body needed nutrients and energy. This biscuit comes with a richness of nutrients present in wheat.
Add that punch of spice and seasoning to your palate by serving papad with every meal. People can either roast, fry or air fry these papads, based on their taste and preference.

Serve pickle with every dish to enhance its flavor. People who like spice food can not eat a meal without pickles. We bring forward mango pickle, that can add tangy and spicy flavor to your palate.

Indian Rice
Indian rice is highly demanded worldwide, due to its incredible flavor, richness and aroma. We offer this rice in a variety, ranging from boiled rice, and long grain rice. The white rice is be used as main ingredient in many savory and sweet dishes.

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